SuperStall Foam Cow Mattress

SuperStall Cow Mattress by North BrookNorth Brook’s premium cow mattress represents the next generation in animal comfort for serious dairy producers!

The Alloy™ PremiumTop Cover for use with cow mattresses. Manufactured from a unique waterproof polymer blend, Alloy™ offers unprecedented durability and abrasion-resistance that keeps moisture out.

Designed to improve on the natural pasture environment, SuperStall™ cow mattresses provides a consistently comfortable, easy-to-maintain environment that encourages lying time for improved nutrient utilization and milk production.

Nothing works harder to stay softer than SuperStall™. Rest assured!

Body-hugging, bounce-back memory foam provides maximum cushioning for hocks and knees.
●Engineered to remain “permanently soft”.
Encourages maximum lying time for improved nutrient utilization and milk production.
Balanced core for ideal combination of softness and firmness.
Inert foam resists bacteria growth.
Waterproof, easy-to-clean rubber top cover with tightly-woven substrate.
Easy to install.
Five-year warranty.
SuperStall Foam Cow Mattress            Cow beds from North Brook Farms


SuperStall™ or sand: Which supports your business better?

SuperStall™ Installation Instructions

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