IGK Equestrian

IGK Equestrian SuperStall MatIGK Equestrian, the equine division of North Brook Farms, is a leading provider of dust-free arena footing installed in more than 250 indoor/outdoor arenas throughout North America.

TruStride®, and its economical version LiteStride®, are dust-free surface footings made from an environmentally friendly combination of recycled rubber, silica sand, synthetic fibers and, in TruStride®, a special wax polymer. Both provide a stable, flexible and resilient riding surface that resists compaction and tracking, and eliminates dust and the need to water. IGK Equestrian’s SoftShoe® fiber and rubber amendment improves cushioning for new or existing surfaces.

IGK Equestrian comfort systems include SuperStall®, an open-celled, foam cushion specifically designed for use with performance horses, and EquiSoft®, an economical, rubber-filled mattress . Both feature a waterproof, woven top cover that allows all liquids and manure to be captured on top and easily removed with the bedding.

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