Welcome to Peter’s Mat Chat.

Peter Kyle of North Brook Cow Comfort SystemsI’m Peter Kyle, co-owner of North Brook Farms along with my lovely wife, Carolyn. We’ve been married for 30 years, and in the cow bedding business for about 25 (you can read our story here).

As Carolyn and I travel from farm show to farm show, we tend to hear the same questions over and over:  How do cow mattresses compare to sand? How do they compare to water beds? How long do they last? Which makes for a better cow bed — rubber or foam? Dairy producers want to know!

We’ve tried to answer some of the most common cow comfort questions on our website, but I’m sure you have others. Feel free to contact me and I’ll try to address them in this blog. We’ll also talk about some of your biggest challenges in cow bedding and maintenance, share success stories and provide a forum for producers, veterinarians and anyone else who takes cow comfort seriously.

Let’s chat!


2 responses to “Welcome to Peter’s Mat Chat.

  1. Yes, Dad, let’s chat about some mats! This is a good idea.

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